Mike Hughes plays a bluesy solo over "Ain't Misbehavin."

Mike Hughes plays synth parts on "I Wish" with Hip Grease - a 70s tribute band featuring Felice Hernandez and Paul Murphy.

Mike Hughes Plays Sideways Piano

Several years ago my retina became detached in my left eye. My doctor glued the retina back on and put an air bubble inside my eye and told me to lie on my right side as much as possible for 3 weeks. Do you think that was going to stop me from playing piano?

Mike Hughes plays a jazz solo over "I Can't Give You Anything But Love."

Little Drummer Boy - Joy to the World Medley

Boogie-woogie piano version of these 2 great Christmas carols Arranged and performed by Mike Hughes.

Mike Hughes Appears on Frasier

In this episode Frasier composes a song for a departed friend and decides to have a gospel choir perform the song when he gives the eulogy. Mike Hughes is the organist. The choir and organ were recorded live during the filming of the episode.

Blues Puppet Wishes You a Happy Halloween

Video & music performed by Mike Hughes. To see all 13 Blues Puppet Videos

Thank God For the Music

Original song that Mike Hughes composed, performed the music, and sang on as well.


Mike Hughes performs "The C Major Scale." All music in the this video was composed, arranged and performed by Mike Hughes.

The World's Best Birthday Music Video

This YouTube video features a sample medley of 13 partial tracks from The Birthday Music CD, which was created by Mike Hughes. To hear more tracks

Mike Hughes and Skye Michaels co-founded the group "Third Island" in the late 80's. It was an instrumental rock group that also featured David Grossman on drums and Bob Feldman on bass. This video contains excerpts from a concert performed at the Music Machine in West L.A.

Mike Hughes plays "Chopsticks" with chopsticks. All music in this video was composed, arranged and performed by Mike Hughes (except for the "Jaws" music).

Heading 4

I have always been entranced by the sound of squeaky doors and cabinets. The ethereal squeaks that old hinges produce express both joy and anguish and seem to emanate from another world filled with disembodied spirits. Couple that with the fact I am obsessed with the Happy Birthday to You song (I created the Birthday Music CD which has 50 different versions of that song), and it logically follows that I just had to make this video.

Arrangement of Away in a Manger for string quartet & woodwind quartet. Arranged by Michael Hughes.


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